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Beta6 Consulting Group

The Science of Market Access

Beta6 Consulting Group

The Science of Market Access

Beta6 Consulting Group

What We Do


Market Access Success

Beta6 Consulting Group helps our clients develop and adopt new healthcare technologies. We do this by applying rigorous science to understand the value of healthcare innovations and effectively communicating that value to decision-makers. Combining science and commercial strategy, Beta6 fully defines the value of biopharmaceuticals, digital health tech, and medical devices.


Health Economics Excellence

Our work spans strategic projects to define value propositions and messaging, highest-quality health economics research, and tailored communications to multiple audiences. We are experts in the services you require to build the value proposition and support that story with the best evidence:

  • Economic Strategy and Planning
  • Evidence Generation
  • Value Communication

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How we do it

The need


Today, adoption of lifesciences products is driven by the evidence supporting product value.  Who saves money? Who pays; how much? How do patients benefit? How do you fit into the healthcare system?  Having answers to these questions is critical to access and uptake.

Our solution


The science of market access blends health economics, outcomes research, and commercial strategy to serve the market needs of healthcare innovators. With deep experience in industry, consulting, and healthcare provision, we deliver innovative strategies and rigorous evidence that drive product value. 

Our network


Ensuring that you have the best clinical insights and data throughout, we partner with academic clinicians, healthcare provider organization, and leading data sources.  To bring the best evidence forward, we also maintain alliances with top pricing, regulatory, and payer marketing consultancies to meet any of our clients’ challenges.  

Who we are

We are experts


  Our staff have the scientific and commercialization expertise to build your effective approach to developing and communicating product value. From core clinical knowledge and HEOR methodological depth to working in payer and regulatory environments and having been “in the seat” through the product commercialization process, we have the people to help you succeed

We are unique


We are strategists, versed in identifying stakeholder needs and creating answers.  We are scientists, experts in the rigorous analyses that payers demand.  We are communicators, fluent in conveying the value of life sciences products to multiple audiences.  Between us, we have well over a century of experience studying and improving healthcare systems around the world.  

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